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Leading a session at the Alliance of Baptists’ JustSex conference in Nashville, TN, in October 2018

As a sociocultural linguist, my research lies at the intersection of several academic fields: linguistics, anthropology, sociology, feminist studies, and religious studies. I analyze how people use language and embodied resources to create social identities and cultural meanings, and I investigate this specifically in the area of language, sexuality, and religion. My dissertation research investigates how moderate and progressive Baptists in the United States negotiate the discourses of sexual ethics in their faith communities.

In addition to my academic research, I am also deeply committed to outreach and social justice. I’m currently in the process of launching a community-based project that promotes conversations around sexuality and sexual ethics in Baptist communities. Our collaborative team is working to create free online, interactive resources that will allow individuals and churches to access research-based educational materials related to the intersections of faith and sexuality. To receive more information and updates on this project, sign up for our listserv.

This outreach project is based on the ongoing results of an anonymous nationwide survey on faith and sexuality among Christians in the United States. The survey is open to individuals 13 years and older of all faith backgrounds (non-Christian, little or no faith background, “it’s complicated,” etc.), and I’m specifically targeting people who are currently or previously part of Baptist communities.


Click below to view full-text copies of my peer-reviewed academic publications:

  1. Warner-Garcia (2018). Sex and faith in dialogue: Interdiscursivity and academic activism in Baptist communities. Unpublished dissertation, University of California Santa Barbara.
  2. Warner-Garcia (2016). Rejecting exclusion, embracing inclusion: Conversation as policy-making at a U.S. Baptist conference on sexuality and covenant. Language Policy 15(2): 141-161.
  3. Warner-Garcia (2015). ‘His belly dancer’: Young women’s interactional negotiation of sexual bodies and desire at a Baptist university. Gender and Language 9(2): 255-277.
  4. Bucholtz, M., Lopez, A., Mojarro, A., Skapoulli, E., VanderStouwe, C., and Warner-Garcia, S. (2014). Sociolinguistic justice in the schools: Student researchers as linguistic experts. Language and Linguistics Compass 8(4): 144-157.
  5. Warner-Garcia (2014). Gestural resonance: The negotiation of differential form and function through embodied action. Crossroads of Language, Interaction, and Culture 9(1): 55-78.
  6. Warner-Garcia (2014). Laughing when nothing’s funny: The pragmatic use of coping laughter in the negotiation of conversational disagreement. Pragmatics 24(1): 157-180.
  7. Warner-Garcia (2012). What’s up with y’all?: Sociopragmatic versatility in the “battle of the pronouns.” Texas Linguistics Forum 55: 72-79.

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