I am scholar at the University of California Santa Barbara specializing in sociocultural linguistics with a focus on language, sexuality, and religion. I’m also the Director of Professional Development at UCSB’s Graduate Division, where I provide resources and support to graduate students as they navigate the professional world of grad school and beyond.

The driving force behind all of my work is a desire to help people communicate better about complex topics. I believe that when we are equipped with both knowledge and empathy, we can connect across boundaries in meaningful ways.

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View my recently completed dissertation: “Sex and Faith in Dialogue: Interdiscursivity and Academic Activism in Baptist Communities



I am currently running an anonymous online survey on faith and sexuality among Christians in the United States. The survey is open to individuals 13 years and older of all faith backgrounds (non-Christian, little or no faith background, “it’s complicated,” etc.), and I’m specifically targeting people who are currently or previously part of Baptist communities.

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